“Summer is an AWESOME personal trainer. I came in pretty weak and very out of shape. I steadily began to lift much more and go running without completely dying. The atmosphere was the best part of all of it. It was very inviting and comfortable and felt fun to work out. I had never experienced that before. I didn’t think working out could be fun. Don’t get me wrong, she will push you. Some of the finishers made me want to die, but I felt so accomplished at the end and couldn’t wait to keep going the next day. I felt like I was making progress everyday towards my body goal. It was actually making a difference and I felt better and more energized. Summer knew exactly what I needed to work out the right parts of my body and would take any suggestions I had. She worked around my schedule and was as accommodating as humanly possible. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their strength or get in shape or get that summer body (or all of the above, like me). Overall amazing in every category.”

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